The Fatamec experience

50 years thinking of you

Custom Built

The client receives the maximum attention provided by Fatamec. The individual orders respect the requirements  according to each region/area and the properties of different sectors of construction.

Integral control

The entire production process is fully controlled by Fatamec wihtout dependence on third parties, provided the choice and treatment of raw materials to the final installation

Innovative Solutions

Solutions for the residential and commercial sectors with a strong  ability to adapt to the ever growing needs of costumers.

Safe value

The experience of Fatamec brand, ensure you the longevity of your investment. We manufacture with the raw materials of the highest quality.

  • Full Production of “key-in-hand” product – The product is delivered to the customer with the assurance has been developed entirely by Fatamec, at any time the product is developed by a third party, ensuring the quality seal of Fatamec in all production time;
  • Product Installation – After the development, the product is installed in its work, without the customer has to worry about transportation and assembly;
  • Monitoring After Sales – After creating and installing the product in the customer Fatamec ensures the maintenance of marketed solutions;

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