We build solutions according to the individual requirements of each client. We have a wide variety of products so you can enjoy all the comfort of your home.

The diversity of Fatamec Ports system can meet almost all requirements regarding forms and aesthetic guidelines and offers construction solutions adapted to each region.

The Doors Fatamec already have in your basic equipment immense functional characteristics of choice, as well as an excellent price-quality ratio.

With a diverse range of high quality products, guaranteed by production technology and experience Fatamec, proceeded to developing customized to the needs and tastes of each client requests. Fully control the production process, from the selection of raw materials, the manufacture of each individual product, to the final installation and subsequent quality control.


We love what we do and we do it with passion!

Custom construction

The client receives the maximum attention provided by Fatamec. The individual orders, the requirements according to each region or area and the properties of the different sectors of construction.

Integral control

The entire production process is fully controlled by Fatamec without dependence on third parties, provided the choice and treatment of raw materials to the final installation.

Innovative Solutions

Solutions for the residential and commercial sectors with a strong ability to adapt to the ever growing needs of customers.

Safe value

The experience of Fatamec brand, ensure you the longevity of your investment. Manufacture with the raw materials of the highest quality.

Interior Doors

We have a wide range of solutions and set up of materials for whatever your need, only then could an integration in perfect harmony and create welcoming environments.

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Wardrobes and Closets

We analyze your space and your needs in terms of housekeeping and specific functions, so guarantee that your wardrobe or closet results in a profound experience with aesthetic sense and full comfort.

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The nobility of wood complete the harmony of your home. We have a wide range of coatings whose main function is to replicate nature in your space. The visual comfort, warmth textures everything you need to create perfect environments.

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Personalized Service

Since the first phase until the completion of the work will have at its disposal a highly skilled and motivated team ready to meet all the needs of your project. With Fatamec priority is always concern about the client.

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